Aim of the course:    The goal of the course is to introduce PhD students into special aspects of scientific work and  principles of writing of scientific publications

Learning outcomes:   On successful completion of the course, student will be:

• become familiar with scholarly resources in particular fields of science and technology and be able to critically analyze and evaluate sources sufficient to develop an annotated      bibliography  and literature review for their chosen topic;

•  know the typical structure of the paper, abstract, research report etc.

• get skills training presentations, abstracts or publications; ability to conduct scientific debate, argue their ideas and suggestions

•manage bibliographic database

Цель курсаДать знания, навыки анализа и интерпретации поведения систем, влияния нелинейных эффектов, построения математических моделей динамических систем, количественной оценки свойств хаотических процессов и систем.

Информационные системы на транспорте

Многомерный статистический анализ
Моделирование систем